Ampere Hours to Milliampere Hours Conversion

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Ampere-Hours to Milliampere-Hours Conversion

A * h stands for ampere hours and mAh stands for milliampere hours. The formula used in the conversion of milliampere hours to ampere hours is 1 ampere over = 1000 milliampere hour. In other words, 1 ampere hour is 1000 times greater than one milli pump hour. To convert all types of units of measure, you can use a tool that enables you to scale conversions.

Convert Ampere-Hour to Milliampere-Hour

How to convert ampere hour to milliampere hour? To measure the electric charge, first select the ampere hour from the left dropdown and the milliampere hour from the right dropdown, enter the amount you want to convert and click 'Convert'. Want a reverse calculation from millimeter hour to umpire hour? You can check our Milli Pump Hour to Ampere Hour Converter.